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BIONEERS Natural Medicines & Paradise Promotions Ltd.


BIONEERS Natural Medicines & Paradise Promotions Ltd. (BIONEERS & PPL.) holds the greatest respect for our distributors, they are the company. We stand for integrity and honesty as seen in our commitment to the distributors. BIONEERS & PPL. demonstrates this through our business practices.

Carefully read the following Terms and Conditions, and join us in creating Financial Freedom for your family and your business.

BIONEERS & PPL. and I agree as follows:

  • I am of legal age to enter into this agreement in the state or province of my residency which will be effective at the time of execution by me and acceptance by BIONEERS & PPL. at it's principal place of business. BIONEERS & PPL. does not grant any exclusive or geographical territories to me. I am an independent distributor, responsible for my own business activities, and not an agent or employee of BIONEERS & PPL. I am responsible for the payment of any taxes required by federal and/or state; I will not be treated as an employee for federal or state tax purposes. I am responsible for all liability, health, disability and workmen's compensation insurance.
  • I understand that BIONEERS & PPL. nor anyone else has made claims of any kind regarding earning potential. When selling BIONEERS & PPL. products I will make no statements nor claims other than those contained in materials provided or approved by BIONEERS & PPL.
  • I will not represent in any manner that I am an agent or representative of BIONEERS & PPL. I understand I am not authorized to, and I will not for any reason, act as a spokesperson for BIONEERS & PPL. or its products to any media or publication.
  • There is no obligation to purchase or invest to become an BIONEERS & PPL. Independent Distributor. .
  • BIONEERS & PPL. may alter, modify or change the Terms and Conditions, its Compensation Structure and prices at any time effective upon publication by BIONEERS & PPL.
  • BIONEERS & PPL. will pay commissions on commissionable product sales in accordance with the Compensation Structure. I agree that BIONEERS & PPL. may offset any amounts owed to me for commissions against any amounts that I owe BIONEERS & PPL. including chargebacks and product returns.
  • It is not required to sponsor or recruit anyone. Qualification for Compensation is based upon the sale of Commissionable products and not upon sponsoring or recruiting. As an BIONEERS & PPL. independent distributor, I will place emphasis upon the making of retail sales to consumers. If I decide to become a Team Leader, I am responsible for training and supporting the distributors I sponsor. I agree to make retail sales each month and will keep and retain receipts of my retail sales.
  • Inactive Distributor status occurs after two (2) months of order inactivity by any distributor.
  • I shall abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws or regulations, Terms and Conditions and the Compensation Structure, all of which are incorporated by this Agreement by reference.
  • I hereby agree not to re-package or re-label BIONEERS & PPL. goods, nor to sell said goods under any other name or label. I further agree to refrain from producing, selling, and using, for the purpose of advertising, promoting or describing BIONEERS & PPL. goods, Compensation Plan, or other programs, any written, recorded, or other materials which have not been approved or provided by BIONEERS & PPL.
  • I acknowledge that BIONEERS & PPL. trademarks, service marks, trade names, patents and copyrighted materials are owned solely by BIONEERS & PPL., and that use of such marks and materials by me must be in compliance with BIONEERS & PPL.'s written terms and conditions, as such may be amended by BIONEERS & PPL. from time to time. I agree to use only promotional or advertising materials produced or approved in writing by BIONEERS & PPL.. I agree that BIONEERS & PPL. has the exclusive proprietary interest of its, manufacturing procedures, formulas, source, codes, product development and in all operating, financial and marketing materials: and that all such information is confidential. I shall not use or disclose such information to any third party except in strict accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Confidential information is disclosed to me on a "need to know" basis solely for use in any business with BIONEERS & PPL. I agree to use my best efforts to keep such information confidential during the term of and after termination of the Term and Conditions. Upon termination of this agreement, I immediately shall cease all use of BIONEERS & PPL.'s trademarks, service marks and proprietary and confidential information and, return all such materials in my possession to BIONEERS & PPL.
  • TEAM LEADERS: In presenting the BIONEERS & PPL. opportunity to prospects, I agree to represent the compensation plan fairly and completely, emphasizing that retail sales are a requirement and no income can be derived from the mere act of sponsoring, and no earnings are guaranteed from participation in the compensation plan. I agree that I will not make any representations about actual or potential earnings of any BIONEERS & PPL. distributor. I am responsible for supervising and supporting distributors I sponsor into the program and those in my pay line. I agree to maintain monthly communication and support to said distributors by way of any of the following, or combination thereof: personal contact, telephone communication, written communication and attendance at distributor meetings.
  • I fully understand that any and all income illustrations that may appear on BIONEERS & PPL. literature are strictly hypothetical and intended only as a method of illustrating the compensation plan. I further understand that there is no intent to imply that any individual is guaranteed any specific income. I agree that as with all business ventures, income derived depends entirely on the personal efforts, abilities and skills of each individual.
  • I understand and agree my remuneration will consist solely of commission, overrides and/or bonuses, relating to the sale of products or orders from ultimate consumers, primarily in the home or otherwise, rather than in a permanent retail establishment unless approved by BIONEERS & PPL..
  • I authorize BIONEERS & PPL. to publish my name in any BIONEERS & PPL. newsletter and other publications in recognition for significant successes and high achievements and other reasons that may be used in connection with promotions, contests, competitions, etc.
  • To the extent permitted by law, BIONEERS & PPL. shall not be liable for and I release from, and waive all claims for any loss of profits, indirect, special or consequential damages or any other loss incurred or suffered by me as a result of (a) a breach by me or the terms of this Agreement (b) the operation of my business; (c) any incorrect or wrong data or information provided by me; or (d) the failure to provide any information or data necessary for BIONEERS & PPL. to operate its business, including, without limitation, the enrollment and acceptance of me or the payment of commissions and bonuses.
  • The laws of the Province of Ontario govern this agreement. Any and all claims which I may have under this Agreement are subject to non-binding mediation before any lawsuit can be filed. I submit to the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario and agree that venue in any mediation or legal action related to this Agreement will be in the Province of Ontario. I waive any claim that the Province of Ontario is an inconvenient forum.
  • The Terms and Conditions may be terminated at anytime by either party with written verification within thirty (30). Upon termination the distributor must cease all relations with BIONEERS & PPL.


  • Product returned for a refund, in re-sellable, reusable condition, will be issued to distributor minus 10% of wholesale cost paid to BIONEERS & PPL..I understand that to receive a refund I must return the product in unopened, resalable condition within 30 days of purchase.
  • Product returned for an exchange must include 10 dollars or 10% whichever is greater for reshipping fee. Also, include distributor information and state which product will be shipped in exchange.
  • Product returned due to an unsatisfied retail customer must include 10 dollars or 10% whichever is greater for a reshipping fee. Also, include distributor information, retail customer information, and reason for dissatisfaction. BIONEERS & PPL. will in return reship original product purchased to the distributor.
  • I understand I am not required to maintain inventory of any kind to be a distributor. BIONEERS & PPL. agrees to repurchase from a resigning or terminating Distributor, all unencumbered products and sales aids purchased by the Distributor from BIONEERS & PPL. within the previous 60 days, which are unused and in commercially resalable condition, for not less than 90 percent of the actual amount paid by the Distributor for the products and sales aids which are being returned. BIONEERS & PPL. reserves the right to recapture all
    commissions paid on returned product.