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Independent Distributor Agreement

BIONEERS Natural Medicines & Paradise Promotions Ltd.

Print out, fill in and mail to: Paradise Promotions Ltd., P.O. Box 394, Novar, Ontario, Canada P0A1R0
or Fax to: 705-788-9360

Call 1-800-332-9964 with questions.

Social Security No./Social Insurance No. : ________________________________________

Federal I.D. No./Corp I.D. NO. : ____________________________OVER 18? Yes__ No__

Name or Business Name and Occupation (last,first,middle initial):


Name of Spouse or Partner and Occupation, if applicable (last,first,middle,initial):


Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________

City - State/Province - Zip/Postal Code: ___________________________________

Street Address (If P.O. Box is listed above - shippers will only deliver to a street address):


City - State/Province - Zip/Postal Code: ___________________________________

Home Phone: (_____) _____-_________ Business Phone: (_____) _____-__________

Fax#: (_____) ______-______________ E-mail: ______________________________

Resale Tax# (If Any)___________________(Attach copy of certificate)

Team Trainer's Name if applicable (last,first,initial): ___________________

Team Trainer's I.D. Number: ___________

READ BEFORE SIGNING APPLICATION: As an applicant to become a BIONEERS & PPL. Independent Distributor, I understand and agree as follows:

1. I agree that I will read and abide by the Terms & Conditions of BIONEERS & PPL. I understand that the Terms & Conditions are part of this Agreement. I will abide by these and any subsequent changes announced by BIONEERS & PPL.

2. The term of this Agreement is one year from the date that is is received by the company. This Agreement may be renewed thereafter, each year, by submitting the current renewal fee (one dollar) during or before the last calendar month of the one-year term. Failure on my part to ensure the company's receipt of the renewal fee will cause the loss of my position and wholesale purchasing privileges.

3. I certify and agree that my decision to become a BIONEERS & PPL. Independent Distributor is based solely on my personal experiences with the products and my understanding of the written Terms & Conditions and other company literature. No income representations have been made on which I am relying for this decision.

Agreement made this day_________________ 20_____

DISTRIBUTOR'S SIGNATURE (required) X_________________________________


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