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Comparisons to Viagra®


Similarities of Viagra and Lady-Vi®

Differences between Viagra and Lady-Vi®

The Delivery System


You Don't Need Viagra for World-Class Sex

Millions of American men use Viagra whenever they want to have sex with their partner. At the same time, those men are at the mercy of the manufacturer, Pfizer, Inc, and are paying an outrageous amount of money for that drug. And they're also risking some heavy-duty side effects, including:

Lightheadedness, headaches, and nausea: What's the point of an erection when you feel too lousy to make love?

Impaired vision: Viagra is notorious for giving everything you see a blue or green tint. You really shouldn't drive when you're on this drug and by law, pilots can't fly their planes when they're taking it.

Priapism: This could happen at any time on this drug. Priapism is an odd-but-serious condition in which you have a frighteningly long lasting and painful erection. One episode of this can cause permanent impotence and permanent damage to your penis.

Stroke: This is a very serious side effect: Viagra lowers your blood pressure significantly while it's in your bloodstream. If you already have low blood pressure or if you're on any blood-pressure lowering medication (there are dozens with this side effect), Viagra can compound the effect, causing a lethal reduction of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Death: Yes, death. If you are on certain heart medications and happen to take Viagra by mistake, you could easily experience a fatal interaction. Already, over 522 men have died after taking Viagra, and that number is growing steadily.

Viagra simply isn't worth the risk. Especially since there are much safer, simpler, less expensive solutions.

There are only a few substances known to man that can have the same effect as Viagra the amino acid, l'arginine is one of them. Plus, l'arginine can also increase your libido unlike Viagra, which will only work if your sex drive is already strong.


Similarities of Viagra and Lady-Vi

Both define sexual responsivness problems as physical not psychiatric . 
Both improve "quality of life." 

Both can "recapture youth" by restoring sexual responsiviness, that

normally decreases with age. 

Both can restore sexual responsiveness decreased by medications,

diabetes, or hypertension. 

Both allow men and women choices to improve their sex lives. 

Both approve that it is accepted to expect physical sex to be a

personally rewarding experience. 

Both encourage a more open sexual relationship between a man and

a woman, where what works can be openly communicated to one's


Both can improve the overall relationship between a man and a

woman by improving the physical relationship between them.

Differences between Viagra and Lady-Vi 

Viagra Requires a prescription. Lady-Vi Does not require a prescription. 
Viagra Is approved only for the sale to men. Lady-Vi Is for women. 

Viagra Is an oral medication Lady-Vi Is a topical cream applied to a woman's clitoris. 

Viagra Becomes effective after a period of time. Lady-Vi Has an almost immediate effect. 

Viagra Is intended to treat male erectile dysfunction. Lady-Vi Is intended to enhance a woman's sexual responsiveness.



The Delivery System

Our exciting new orgasm elixir was created to steam up the private parts of women suffering from female sexual arousal disorder. Forty-seven million American women (75 percent post-menopausal) are afflicted with this frigid ailment that inhibits pudenda blood flow and lubricating secretions.

Lady-Vi turns on the titillation by inviting increased circulation into genitalia flesh that is lathered with the cream.

    Now, scientists have identified the exact chemical substance necessary for optimal female sexual performance and sex drive. This energy substance is Cyclic-GMP. Cyclic-GMP levels decline with aging, stress, various medical conditions and medications.

This energy substance can be significantly improved with Lady-Vi

Lady-Vi contains L-Arginine that acts as the primary agent for the desired release of nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide leads to an increase in Cyclic-GMP levels. As a result of this increase in Cyclic-GMP levels, sexual performance is improved, enhanced and restored.

Our Delivery System ensures that L'Arginine penetrates the skin of the vulva and increases the amount of nitric oxide which increases c-GMP leading to the same results as Viagra. Lady-Vi is a cream which is applied to the vulva. This means that it does not act throughout the body but only in the genitals, eliminating side-effects.

Lady-Vi usually works within a few minutes, leading to greater spontaneity. Duration of effects is variable among women, ranging from 15 minutes to hours. It has no side-effects. Compared to Viagra, it is inexpensive.

This product is more convenient than many other L-Arginine products because the L-Arginine is absorbed locally in the genitals through the delivery system. Other products require injections or large oral doses which have systemic effects and are slow to act. Other creams claiming to contain L'Arginine do not have a delivery system to break through the skin barrier!

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